Why We Need Notaries

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Notaries are not professionals that most people consider in their day-to-day life, but when their services are needed, they play a vital role in how our legal system functions. Mostly, notaries serve as an impartial third-party witness to the signing of legal documents such as commercial leases, employment contracts, marriage certificates, real estate transaction documents, and more. Notaries verify the identities of all signing participants, ensure that there is no attempted fraud via identity theft, coercion, or intimidation, and verify that all signing participants are in a satisfactory mental state to sign a legally binding contract.  

Without notaries, documents such as marriage certificates, real estate transaction documents, employment contracts, etc. would hold no weight in the eyes of the law, which would mean there would be no protection available for the parties involved if one or more of the participants decided not to honor the agreement. Notaries provide the necessary seal that ties everything together and protects you and your involvement in legal transactions. Notaries’ range of duties also include administering oaths, scheduling appointments, maintaining a notary journal, and completing the necessary notarial certification of legal documents.  

Notaries can provide these important services in a variety of ways. Notarization can be done in person, preferably with an appointment to reduce potential wait times and make sure you can get your necessary documents notarized that day, virtually for the notarization of electronic and remote online document signing, or a mobile notary can come to your location to perform the necessary notarization services. These options provide maximum convenience for anyone who needs to have legal documents notarized, a welcome change from the confusion and tediousness that typically comes with making legally binding contracts and transactions.  

As you can see, there are many reasons why notaries, an often-overlooked profession, are of crucial importance to everyone in many different areas of life. Any time someone gets married, buys a home, accepts a new job, or a variety of other things, notaries play an integral role in completing the necessary process that makes these legal contracts legal. Notaries proudly provide an important service with professionalism and a passion for serving their community. 

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