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Fingerprinting services are not just necessary for law enforcement. In fact, there are many reasons that fingerprinting services are still necessary today. If you are looking for employment or are employing someone in most federal agencies, traditional ink fingerprinting will still be required for applicants or other federal requests. Fingerprinting is also required if you are applying for a driver’s license or are running a background check in a state you do not reside in. There are also several reasons why traditional ink fingerprinting may be required if you are living in a country where you do not hold citizenship. Whatever the reason, Notary Plus More’s extensive range of fingerprinting services is here to serve you in whatever industry you belong to. 

No matter what your fingerprinting or needs may be, we are happy to offer any fingerprinting service you may need right here in Boca Raton, Florida. We can provide everything from FBI fingerprinting for background checks regarding adoption, student visas, foreign travel, attorney requests, and more. We also offer electronic fingerprint archiving on our own secure server. We even offer photo services for official documents such as passports, immigration documents, visas, and ATF forms. Using our software, we optimize facial images for the highest quality prints every time. Our convenient location near you in Boca Raton makes it incredibly easy to have all your fingerprinting needs serviced right here in one place.  

Every industry can benefit from our convenient, one-stop fingerprinting services. Our fingerprinting and fingerprinting archive services are beneficial to entities such as the Department of Health, Agricultural and Consumer Services, Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitality Management companies, and service providers such as massage therapists, insurance brokers, taxi drivers, doctors, nurses, restaurant owners, and so many more. The usefulness of traditional ink fingerprinting cannot be overstated when it comes to vetting applicants to your business or government institution. We also offer background checks to save you even more time when vetting potential employees, whether the prospective employer is a government agency or a mom-and-pop shop. Our background check services also include credit checks, professional license checks, OIG checks, and more. We are proud to offer such a wide range of services to suit your needs. 

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