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Say hello to hassle-free signings in Boca Raton! Our top-notch mobile notary public services ensure your documents are not just signed but secured. Let us manage all of your notarization needs

Boca Raton's Premier Notary Public Expertise

We are your go-to source for all notarization needs in Boca Raton, FL. Offering convenient electronic notary solutions at your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time. Our notary agents diligently authenticate documents with official stamps and seals, ensuring the validity and security of your crucial documents across real estate, legal, and business transactions.

Obtain a seamless experience of notarizing your legal documents our top-tier notary public services. We manage your notary needs with attention to detail

We notarize following documents for you:

  • Real Estate Documents
  • Loan Documents
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Affidavits and Sworn Statements
  • Divorce Decrees and Custody Agreements
  • Business Agreements and Contracts
  • Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate
Boca Raton's Notary Public Expertise

Navigate Our Notary Service Workflow

Access fast, hassle-free notary services in Boca Raton with our streamlined process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Fast & Secure

Quickly submit your document, consult with our notary agents, and receive a notarized file in no time, thanks to our efficient process.


Our notary service offers a secure, seamless notarization of all important documents, with guaranteed safekeeping of your paperwork.

Agents Support

Benefit from the expertise of our notary public agents for a smooth and stress-free notarization experience from start to finish.

Our Comprehensive Notary Public Offerings in Boca Raton

We provide a range of accessible notary choices including remote online, mobile, and electronic notarization, to facilitate the authentication process of your legal paperwork. Notarize your paperwork at your fingertips.

Mobile Notary Service Boca Raton

Mobile Notary Service

Experience hassle-free document notarization in Boca Raton with our mobile notary public service. Our agents handle a range of documents, Such as immigration notary, real estate contracts and power of attorney, ensuring each signature is valid and credible, regardless of complexity.

Our mobile notarization service is streamlined for your convenience

  • Schedule an appointment at your chosen location.
  • A skilled notary meets you at the designated time and place.
  • Your identity is verified, and the document signing is witnessed.
  • The notary completes the process on-site with an official seal and signature.

Access convenient mobile notarization for various legal documents in Boca Raton, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every step of the mobile notarization process.

Electronic Notary Public

Say goodbye to the hassle of driving across town to find a notary agency with our electronic notary service in Boca Raton, FL. Our e-notary service allows you to notarize your documents from anywhere, anytime in few steps. Our electronic notary service follows a simple process:


  • Upload Documents: Easily submit your files online.
  • Virtual Guidance: Interact with our notary agent for step-by-step assistance.
  • Identity Verification and E-Signature: Confirm your identity and sign the document electronically.
  • Prompt Delivery: Quickly receive your document with an official electronic seal and signature.


Leverage our secure and legally compliant electronic notary service in Boca Raton for a simplified and reliable notarization of your crucial documents, ensuring they are both legally binding and protected.

Electronic Notary Public Boca Raton

Remote Online Notary

Skip the queues and easily notarize documents from anywhere in Boca Raton, FL with our Remote Online Notary service, available 24/7 for both business and personal needs. Enjoy instant, secure notarization, saving time and costs like never before. Here’s the streamlined process:


Document Upload: Submit your full document in .pdf or .docx format, or scan and upload using your mobile phone.

Create a Proof Account: Securely store your documents and transaction details for easy future access and notarizations.

Verify Connection: Ensure a smooth process with a Wi-Fi-enabled device with a camera.

Identity Verification: Utilize our advanced technology for quick and secure identity confirmation, including a photo ID upload and answering personal questions.

Notary Agent Connection: Instantly connect with a certified notary signing agent via video call, available 24/7.

Document Access: View and share your signed documents directly on our platform.

Download or Share: Easily download your document or send it to others as needed.

Connect with Our Notary Signing Agent

We promise seamless document signings and authentic notary services in Florida. Our effective notary public services ensure each document is authenticated with an official signature, stamp, and seal, providing you peace of mind and reliability in handling your legal paperwork.

Connect with Our Notary Signing Agent in Boca Raton

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Why Opt for Our Notary Services in Boca Raton, FL

Why Opt for Our Notary Services in Boca Raton, FL

Notary Plus More provides exceptional public notary and loan signing services, accommodating your schedule and ensuring confidential notarial acts. Our expert signing agents guarantee your documents are handled with care. Get a variety of convenient options such as mobile, remote online, and electronic notary to meet all your document notarization needs in Boca Raton.

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